Sunday, September 20, 2009

Help myself, help others.

Okay, I have been here before. I need to drop about 40lbs. I lost 22lbs doing Farrells extreme body shaping last spring. I have gained close to 20lbs back.

I lost it through diet and exercise, and used Advocare products to boost results. Spark, Post Work out shakes, meal replacement shakes and cataylst.

What I always FORGET is that once I quite exercising and using products - I will gain weight!

Today is the day I start fresh.

I need to make some lifestyle changes. NOW.
Loaded up with Spark, Slam, and Meal replacement shakes...will continue to ride my bike and do P90X - use Post Workout and Cataylst....excited to get started.

Advocare works I am looking forward to helping myself and helping others...get healthy - stay healthy.

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